How effective is inbound marketing and how does it work ?


Inbound marketing is a technique used by any business for attracting customers. They do this through the creation of relevant content combined with suitable experience. Outbound marketing differs from it in the sense that it causes interruption through some content which the users do not need. The content strategy in inbound marketing helps resolve issues that people have by creating links to appropriate information. In this article, we will see the different strategies of inbound marketing and how a business grows by using it.

Strategies of inbound marketing

A business can prosper when the following strategies can be effectively implemented while marketing to the target audience:

Strategies for attracting potential customers

A team responsible for good content creation and development are responsible for attracting the potential customers. This can be in the form of guides for using a product, blog post regarding facing challenges, how to use the product, testimonials from customers, promotional details or audio-visual content published in social media, so that maximum people get to see it. When SEO is used while publishing the content, it will ensure organic appearance on the  SERP or search engine results page for the target customers.

Engaging potential customers

Communication with such a group of people must be in a convincing way so that they really look forward to building a long term relationship with the firm. Make sure that you inform them the values they will get by associating with the brand or firm. This implies that the values need to be sold instead of the product. The way in which the customer service representatives handle the call with the prospective customers also has a significant bearing on their conversion rate.

The satisfaction of end customers

The delighting strategies are responsible for this. In order to ensure that the customers remain satisfied with the product/ services of the firm, it is important that specialized team members are readily available for assisting them at any time. There should be satisfaction surveys at specific points as this makes them feel that they are important for the firm. This will also help the firm to deal with the shortcomings, if any, and hence enhance the customer experience.

Customers can be delighted through social media listening in which the followers can use your profile for sharing their experience, giving feedback, as well as getting clarification of their doubts regarding the product/service. It is important to respond to all these in time as this will encourage them and give them the feeling of being heard and cared for.

The benefits of Inbound Marketing

The numerous benefits that inbound marketing has on a business, have been enlisted under the following points:

Boosts your website SEOSEO strategy in content creation is used for the optimization of a website to ensure its better performance in the search engine results. There are some actions included in the SEO, namely, optimizing the keywords, creating links and getting a referral for traffic from the high domain authority. The most crucial part of this is getting connected with the customer. In inbound marketing, the customer is of prime focus instead of simply concentrating on getting a good search engine ranking criteria. You can have a holistic approach to this if you combine SEO with the inbound marketing strategy.

Boost your traffic

The methods of inbound marketing include creating content, social media marketing as well as marketing through creative emails. Once the potential customers find your business on the internet, this method helps in focusing on their activities. Thus, they get to know more about your brand through informative content in form of blog posts, white papers, etc., without any kind of interruption. It attracts potential customers and helps in boosting the traffic of a website.

Convert visitors into leadsAny visitor who expresses his interest in the product or services of your firm is termed as the lead. Inbound marketing makes effective use of call to action or CTA, forms, and CRM for collecting the visitors’ details and storing them. It is the convert stage which includes four steps, namely, attract potential customers, convert them, close and delight them. If these steps are successfully completed, you can feel that your efforts have been rewarded. Once the visitors to the website submit their contact details, this process gets triggered. Apart from this, the conversation can be initiated with potential new leads through the use of the live chat option. webinar or contact us page. Getting in touch with them enables them to quickly get the relevant details they were looking for, and getting all their queries answered.

A CRM keeps all details of prospective customers and ensures that they remain updated through various modes of communication. The information that they will get should not be mistrustful. Also, they must feel that they are getting something useful by sharing their contact information with your website. This can be in the form of guides, blogs, ebooks, or white papers. The content needs to be attractive so that the chances of low bounce rate of your website is reduced. You can take the help of graphic designers for creating them.

Here are some tips for effective conversion of visitors to leads

  1. The landing page should be potential enough to convince the visitors to provide their contact details through the forms. The Call To Action button is the one, on clicking which visitors can access this page. Make sure that the visitors do not feel that filling up the details is time-consuming as it can have a negative impact on their conversion to qualified leads.
  2. After this, they can be further kept glued to the website by providing them some coupon voucher, a chance for a free trial, registration for an upcoming webinar, entry pass to a contest and so on.
  3. A CTA becomes successful when it is eye-catching with some attractive color or shape and can be creatively designed. Make sure that it is not a clickbait. If a CTA button says the visitor to download some ebook for free then they should actually receive it after clicking it.
  4. Among the visitors, there are many of them who are introverts. Such people can be convinced to communicate via the live chat option. It should them connect with the sales team to get response for any query from the customer.


Convert leads into clients

A customer relationship management system is required to track the contacts who had expressed interest in the website. It also helps us  know their behavior towards the website. A CRM is a database meant for the same purpose. Whenever any leads on your website get converted, those can be known through the CRM.  This also plays a crucial role in managing the contacts with the sales funnel of the firm and storing the details so that it can be referred to, at a later point of time. Besides this, the efficiency of the handoff to sales from marketing is enhanced by using CRM for lead scoring. It ensures that not a single visitor to the website is missed out.

Dramatically increase your company’s turnover

There has been a change in the buying behavior of customers recently and inbound marketing helps us to adapt to these efficiently.  There is a software platform that supports marketing, sales, service as well as customer relationship management in the inbound methodology. HubSpot software helps you to grow your business so that more potential customers are attracted, who in turn refer others for the same and the chain continues.

Inbound methodology in marketingThere are marketing tools that play a major role in giving a boost to the company’s turnover. For example ads, videos, blogs, social media and the use of content strategy can attract potential customers. Managing and nurturing the leads, lead flows, and chatbots are tools that can keep them engaged in the website. Besides this, email marketing, smart content, and marketing automation are engaging as well as delighting tools. Conversation inbox can be used for the alignment the sales and service team members for a contextual conversation with the business partners. Memorable content in video format can be offered to prospective customers so that they can share it in their circle.

Inbound marketing is an efficient way of enhancing the user experience with your website and strengthening the relationship with potential customers. The SEO act as an add-on to bring in more traffic so that the search engine ranking of the business gets a significant boost. This customer-oriented approach will help the firm to have a stronger and wider network on the web. The inbound strategy aims to provide assistance as well as support the customers all the time, irrespective of the current scenario. This ensures their complete satisfaction and builds trust in the brand/ company. Such a customer definitely attracts many more by advocating the brand and promoting it through word of mouth as well as other means.

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