How to Master LinkedIn and Generate Leads for B2B

LinkedIn is now widely used as one of the best platforms for business purposes. The goal of this platform is not just to post your daily routine like other social media platforms, but to connect with different professionals and business-minded people whose intention is to help their target audiences through their products or services. Nowadays, many companies use LinkedIn strategically to generate leads for B2B.

By sharing useful and interesting content, you have the opportunity to educate your audience to convince them that you have the skills and experience necessary to solve their problems.

Before I give you some helpful strategies and hacks, it’s important to realize that LinkedIn does help B2B companies generate more leads and is 66% effective compare to other social media platforms. In fact, if you look at the image below you’d be happy to know that LinkedIn is at the top in terms of lead generation.In this article are the ways on how to master LinkedIn and generate leads for B2B.

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Optimize Your Company Page into a Lead Generation Page

In order to make more leads from LinkedIn, you have to be intentional. Leads don’t just fall into your lap. You work for them.

A business page must be elegant and presentable on the network. 10 seconds are sometimes enough for a potential visitor to get the first opinion. Structure your company page in such a way that it leads up to a conversion action. The conversion action is a click-through to your website, either in the company description or your recent updates.

Use an image that attracts attention or creates interest. As a first contact, the image becomes a pledge of encouragement for the visitor, encouraged to continue his journey by a visual that intrigues or interests him. Animate a page with a worked aesthetic and editorial line that can attract the attention of prospects.

Write a clear and concise description of the company and its activities from the first sentence. Any professional who does not know your structure has 3 fundamental questions that must be answered immediately: 

  1. What are the services? 
  2. Who are the target market? 
  3. How are your products and services different from others?

Then come the details of the company’s purpose, values and commitment, as well as its methods and promises.

Based on the latest data, 40% of your networking success lies in presenting a complete profile. Being thorough with your profile will improve your chances of being visible on search, and generate leads. 

Maximize the Platform by Upgrading into Premium

Paying premium accounts is just a little cents spent for greater and higher profits.

Having a premium LinkedIn account maximizes your access and control on your business page. You’ll get to enjoy all the important tools on LinkedIn that are very essential and helpful for your business to get more leads and upgraded features like InMail which allows you to send messages directly to anyone with a LinkedIn account, regardless if they’re on your network or not.

Having a premium account means you are on top of your competitors, thus the higher you can get leads for your business the bigger the conversion rate.

Use Advanced Search to find leads

Advanced search is the single most powerful technique for directly finding targets. This strategy will help you a lot in finding your prospects. They may not come to find you, but you can take the lead and get them. 

LinkedIn’s advanced search gives you an incredible way of identifying the exact type of people you are targeting. Even without the upgraded LinkedIn membership, you have a great filter for narrowing down your search.

Keep in mind that the bigger and better your personal network, the greater your chance of finding warm prospects. While LinkedIn’s advanced search does allow you to search the network as a whole, the best leads will come from people to whom you are already connected at a first, second, or third level.

Research Your Prospects

Researching who you are targeting makes it easy for you to connect with them. Keep in mind that it is easier to offer your products and services to the right market.

The great thing about LinkedIn is that it’s a tool to search for people currently at a company, people that were formerly at a corporation, and people with certain job titles. You can also use it to search prospect companies and weigh them based on some factors. Sales, more importantly, can use LinkedIn to find a decision-maker in the enterprise they are targeting.

Prior using LinkedIn Research tool, consider conducting surveys in order to better understand who your prospects are.

Collect Leads

LinkedIn Ads’ optional feature called Lead Collection, allows advertisers to collect leads directly through their LinkedIn Ad campaigns. Members who click on your ad are taken to your landing page with a ”Request Contact” button. This is an incredibly easy way for users to connect with your brand and a great way for you to build up a nice list for B2B lead generation.

Join B2B Groups Where Your Customers Hang Out

Focus on a small number of groups that fit your target customer’s industry and just hang out! You can start by checking out what others post and adding thoughtful comments of your own.

Utilize your network and their groups. More often, people are willing to make a referral for you in the groups that they are part of, which is a reason to be active on LinkedIn. A new survey released by Blanc & Otus reveals peer advice through word of mouth is the primary driver of sales for B2B tech companies.

Staying active on LinkedIn with at least a weekly post will keep you top of mind with your network. Such passive awareness becomes useful when reaching out for an introduction or when someone from your network needs your expertise.

Create Your Own Support Group

LinkedIn groups offer a lot of great networking opportunities. One of the ways to get even more from the power of groups is to create your own.

As you join groups and interact with groups, you may identify an opportunity for another group to be formed. When you become the owner and moderator of your group, you gain leadership and recognition in the industry.

As long as you position yourself authoritatively and not in a salesy way, you can form a place where your target audience can gather and interact.

Market Yourself and Stay Aggressive

Social networks are about people. So, market yourself as an individual, a representative of your company. Become a trusted leader in your industry by posting status updates, sharing useful content, and participating in groups.

Regularly check who viewed your profile to determine who had an interest in your brand. Yes, it’s part vanity and another part strategy. A target customer sniffing around your profile is an opportunity for you to reach out to them to know what they need.

Grab every opportunity that’s coming on your doorstep because that might be one of your clients lurking on your profile.

Mention Influencers an Include Hashtags

Share useful content and ideas from conversations you’ve had with the people who matter in the industry. Also, include their milestone achievement to drive home a point in your article. This will instantly compel people you’ve mentioned to share the post with their networks and viewers thus, creating more awareness through a wider market.

A hashtag is a powerful character also in your post because it will reach more to your target audiences without paying any ads. Every post that you’ll make should have a hashtag on it and make sure it’s targeting your audiences.

Reward Engagement

It is important to value reader comments, as it is an opportunity to create a human-to-human connection with your audience. A simple thank you will suffice for some comments while others merit a thoughtful reply. Using of different reactions for the posts of your target market means a lot to them as well.

Taking the time to talk to readers in the comments section makes it more likely that they’ll become brand advocates, and share your content with their networks—putting your content in front of more potential leads.

Publish Content

LinkedIn has a powerful content publishing platform and you must use it to generate leads for B2B.

I know it’s tempting to just curate content and post lots of links, but you won’t get as much visibility. The LinkedIn algorithm prioritizes content that is native, meaning it doesn’t require people to leave the LinkedIn platform to consume it. 

By creating quality content, you can turn your strategy from outbound marketing—drawing attention through ads—and start building an inbound strategy where you draw in users interested in what you have to offer.

There are two ways to publish it effectively and efficiently:

  1. Personal side
  2. Company side

On the personal side, you need to share intriguing and interesting posts through the platform. Using almost an exclusive content strategy on LinkedIn, you are most likely to acquire thousands of LinkedIn followers thus, making you become a recognized industry leader quickly. When you share even a simple text post, you get dozens of likes, shares, and comments.

On the company side of publishing, you need to highlight some colorful and inspiring stories of your employees to draw attention to your viewers that you are a great company and you value everyone who works for you. It is a strategy that makes your target market patronize your products and services because you got their emotions.

It draws attention to the brand, but in a way that isn’t pushy or too closely tied with sales. If you have publishing access, be sure to use this platform for even more exposure.  LinkedIn members who are publishing reports that they’ve experienced a lot of success have a higher rate of getting qualified leads that turns to be paying clients.


Among all social medias marketing strategies, LinkedIn is a breeding ground for brand awareness. But they must start thinking beyond this basic tactic and focus on how they can turn leads into customers. This is only made possible if they apply the entire funnel to any social plan and consider how buyers engage on each platform. By taking advantage of the tools LinkedIn has to offer, publishing the right content on a daily basis, and seeking relationship-building opportunities, marketers will begin to see measurable results.

As the network becomes essential, making LinkedIn the spearhead of its B2B strategy is obvious, but mere presence is not enough to attract customers: you have to be visible, dynamic, interesting, and pleasant. Kind of like real life but in a professional way of showing to your audiences.

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