How to use social media to boost your Inbound Marketing Strategy?

In the current scenario, companies are struggling to stay in sync with the digital world. For this, social media has a significant role to play because it fills up the gap between the firm and the target audience. This is the reason we can find companies constantly adapting to social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. by leaps and bounds to enhance their digital marketing strategies. The implementation of a creative and well planned social media campaign can be quite effective in taking the marketing efforts of any firm to the next level. Though there are numerous pitfalls in social media marketing, it also has a huge potential to supercharge the digital marketing campaigns of an organization. 

Earlier social medias were simply thought to be a way of staying connected with the near dear ones and playing games but the scenario has changed today. The benefits these platforms have on digital marketing is quite significant as it helps you gauge the audience precise enough to build a good level of trust and confidence in the brand. Inbound marketing through social media platforms can help you reach the right audience at the right time and cater to their needs efficiently. In this article, we will see the various ways in which social media marketing can enhance the inbound marketing strategy for the growth of your business.

Reasons for using social media for strengthening the inbound marketing strategy

Social networking plays a pivotal role in attracting new customers and converting them into buyers. Its advantages are explained below:

It helps to better understand your audience

Merely opening profiles on social networking sites would be of no use if you do not know anything about your audience. So, understanding who they are, their needs, problems, who they buy from, and the way they live, is essential. This helps in choosing the best channel and accordingly creating the blog content or video content that the audience will find useful. Marketing actions can be strengthened along with sale actions through the use of the social network.

Once the target audience gets relevant content, which is not only informative but also entertaining, then they would want to get connected with you. Responding to their queries, and criticism, no matter if it is positive or negative, can further strengthen the relationship with them. The firm needs to be someone for the audience who they consider being credible besides being able to comprehend their business requirements efficiently.

It ensures promoting influential and humanized content

A brand should be humanized because the audience never likes to interact with a brand which makes them feel distant and shares content which is outdated and irrelevant. This necessitates investing in a good content strategy for the unique and interesting content creation that every visitor to the website would love. It should use the right language and provide people tips with which they can enhance their life besides getting their issues resolved, all of which will add a humanization factor to the brand. The chances of inbound marketing being successful depend mainly on how you engage with social media.

When all these factors are taken care of, social media platforms become a quicker way of building trust among the existing customers and lead generation through better reachability to the right audience, It is highly essential for the growth of the business in a competitive environment.

Keeping up the excitement of the customers by providing them exclusive offers through promotions

This is an amazing strategy that keeps your target audience glued to the brand without switching to some other brand. This can be done by providing them special offers, making special announcements available only to the followers on social media platforms. All these can significantly boost lead generation and sales. Besides this, customers feel motivated when they get better services and have a good experience. This makes them spread a positive word of mouth, which in turn enhances the number of customers for the brand.

Also, one important point is to ensure publishing such offers and related useful content at regular periods, so that they don’t forget checking them out often. 

When well-segmented content is offered to the customers, the customers get attracted organically and spontaneously as their interest is sparked after going through the information. Besides ensuring visibility, it established a strong relationship with the customer which is based on trust and helps in customer retention. 

How to encourage better engagement of the audience through quality content Social media platforms

The best part about social media is that most people are already in it and when your firm posts some interesting and attractive pictures or video clips, then it grabs the attention of potential customers easily. A similar kind of engaging content is helpful in drawing their attention and ensuring better lead generation. When people provide their ideas and suggestions on social networking sites, you can consider implementing them for enhanced user experience. Such insights are amazing opportunities that can take the business in a new direction. This also helps in the creation of an influential positive image in the minds of the customers if their concerns and feedbacks are always addressed promptly. 

The needs and wants of the customers keep changing and the social connection with them is the only means to remain updated regarding this.  Based on their needs, promoting suitable content using the right SEO strategy can drive traffic to your website and help you stand out among the competitors.

Researching through social networking sites

You can make use of the social network to know the latest trend in the market. This can be done by going through the current discussions of the people and trying to find out their major concern which is still unfulfilled. Once you succeed to fulfill their needs, you will be able to ensure the good profitability of your business. 

It is also advisable to go through the content that has already been published by your competitors, the comments, shares, and likes. While doing so, avoid viewing the information from a single angle. Try to view it in alternative perspectives too because this may help you explore some hidden opportunities. Once you thoroughly research this, you can accordingly post more relevant content, in the form of blogs, videos, podcasts, ebooks, etc. 

The SEO can also be included precisely in your content to ensure a better ranking of your web page whenever the target audience performs a google search. This will prevent any chances of going wrong as you will be fully aware of what your target audience or the industry wants.

Delighting strategies such as smart content, marketing automation, email marketing, etc. have to be used to ensure the complete satisfaction of the end customers by quickly responding to them whenever they have any issue or query regarding the product or service.

How to ensure better reachability of ads to the target audience

If you think that creating interesting content that is relevant for the customer, is the end of your responsibilities, then you are wrong! This is because, no matter how interesting the content is, how attractive the offers are, how appealing the products offered by a firm are, the target audience has to know about this first.  In order to spread the brand profile to a maximum number of people, ads are extremely important. They create awareness about a brand because people will opt for it only when they are convinced of its usefulness for them. Even awareness is spread via text messaging, emails, and printed leaflets but the digital modes are more effective owing to the better involvement of a vast majority of people.

PPC or pay per click can be effective when combined with you inbound marketing campaigns. Similarly, social media platforms are great for spreading brand awareness. For example, we can make use of Google ads or ads on Facebook or Instagram to create a campaign for a brand. This can be done by direct messaging certain target groups of people, who can spread it further. If your brand is reliable, your customers will turn to you when they need to take any decision, since they are aware of your presence and authority in the specialist area. 

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