Surveys : The best way to identify the needs of your prospects

It’s great to have a project in mind, whether it is launching an e-commerce, writing a blog or creating a YouTube channel. However, having a goal and succeeding is even better, right ? You believe you’ve come up with a revolutionary idea? That your website is great and you’ll be successful quickly ? Don’t forget, your visitors and audience are the those that will make you succeed (or not). 

So, beyond what you think of success, you should try to understand what’s going on in the minds of your visitors. To do so, you must ask, collect and analyze. Easy to say ? This article will guide you on getting more insights about your prospects. 

So, why should you get to know your audience ? 

You can learn a lot by collecting statistics and data on potential customers (their profiles, demographics, needs, pain points …). Actually you should use this data to create your personas, and adjust your speech to communicate with them. Keep in mind that you must share with them content that they are actually looking forward to see. 

Then, you’ll be able to understand them more clearly and answer questions such as : 

  • What are the push backs from my prospects? 
  • Which questions should I be answering ? 
  • How can I help my prospect achieving their objectives ? 

Get constructives problematics and build answers to them. Here, the challenge is to ask the right questions at the right time. To do so, perform online surveys. Here is an effective way for gaining in-depth knowledge of your market, identifying the exact needs of your prospects and converting them into customers.

6 types of surveys you could use in your sales funnel

  • Deep Dive Survey
  • Micro-Commitment Bucket Survey
  • Email subscriber journey
  • Pivot Survey
  • Product launch survey
  • Post-Sales Survey 

(if you’re interested to further learn about these tactics, I recommend you this book from Ryan Levesque). I will briefly introduce them below, so that you can quickly gather as much constructive insights as possible.


Ask a few questions to your visitors/prospects in order to collect the most important information about them. 

The most important question being :  “What is your biggest challenge” ?

Then you should have them answer questions about their demographics and more general information so you can create a semi fictional portrait of your ideal prospect : male or female? How old ? their jobs? average income? etc. Discover this great tool from hubspot, to easily create your persona.


Once you have defined the main issues of your prospects, you’ll get categories of pain points that you’ll be able to focus on in the future. The Micro-Commitment Survey will allow you to segment your subscribers into these different categories.

Classifying your subscribers in different mailing lists will enable you to send them relevant emails and tailor-made solutions to meet their immediate needs.


Email Marketing should be at the heart of your strategy. Well, great emailing techniques can also be use for surveys. This survey is intended for your most loyal readers: those who have joined your mailing list. It should be the longest survey (10 to 12 questions), so you can get even more data to adjust your persona : their objectives, their passions, their pain points, their fears…


This survey will help you understand whether your product is actually worth launching. Ask 5 to 10 questions to your prospects on their specific needs about this subject and if they would be ready to make a purchase. This can also help you build the communication strategy around this particular topic and reach customer success


This survey will help you understand why a prospect did not buy your product. Just send an automatic email to ask them.

This will help you improve your product of service as well as your sales pitch and communications / Marketing strategy. 



Very customizable survey tool, its pricing starts at $25.00 per month, per user. SurveyGizmo offers a free trial as well as a free version. 

Watch below their tutorial on how to create a customer satisfaction survey


The pricing starts at $28.00 per user per month. SurveyMonkey has several different plans that you can check on their pricing page

How to create a survey with surveyMonkey ?  

Google Forms

Most affordable and great solution for surveys.

Watch the tutorial below : 

Discover here other tools that might help you in your marketing strategy.

These elements should greatly help you during all phases of your project to identify the needs of your prospects, and find out if a market is interesting, if you should launch a product and what will be the outcomes. 

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